Can't more than one button be pressed at the same time?

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<Godot 4.1 Stable Steam>


I been having trouble using the Button Node.

While trying to press multiple Button Node at the same time, it only can register one until the others are blocked and can be pressed until the first one is released.

I found a Reddit post with the same problem:
*I’m doing a test where I’m pressing one button while I’m pressing the other button.

But if one button is pressed, the other buttons will not respond.*

In which circumstances can any GUI ever allow two buttons to be pressed at the same time? How do you have more than one pointer/focus? You are doing something weird and thus you need to provide way more details on it.

In the Godot docs, there’s a blurb here in the section covering Buttons:

"Note: Buttons do not interpret touch input and therefore don’t support multitouch, since mouse emulation can only press one button at a given time. Use TouchScreenButton for buttons that trigger gameplay movement or actions.’


Even with multitouch I have never seen GUI that allows you to press two different buttons at once. If you absolutely need that, you can extend Button and override the behaviour to allow for it, but I can’t think of a reason to do it that way instead of having a screen-level multitouch handler.

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As far as the question OP is asking, the job of TouchScreenButton is supporting multitouch for gameplay, and I believe it is the clearest solution and most accurate answer to what they’re asking about.


I’m sorry, yeah after some time i realized i was using the button node Incorrectly, The way i wanted to used the button was for the gameplay, and i realized that instead of using the ButtonNode i needed to used the TouchScreenButton, One problem was that it wasn’t a control node, i would no be able to organized as i wanted.

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