Capture mode not work


why is the animation capture mode not working
I thought that capture mode in animation player should smoothly move to the next key if it is more than 0 seconds.
What am I doing wrong?

Check your reset animations

And thereay be an option somewhere in the track maybe


No answers?

Not really, um I guess I see the issue more clearly now. You are talking about the stutter.

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. If the video capture is true to experience, then it could be your video card, or a rendering issue.

You can try compatibility mode render to see if it changes the behavior.

You could also try updating your video card drivers if available.

I don’t see the issue often on the web browser version of Godot using compatible mode. But it looks like it’s most likely a render hiccup rather then an interpolation issue.

I guess there is also the easing values of the key frames too…

I am very new to godot, so I am not sure how, but it’s fairly clear you are not inserting new key-frames in the animation. I don’t know how to do that but one of the buttons will probably do that.

You can see the keyframes by the little diamonds on the track, it will smoothly travel from keyframe to keyframe interpolating inbetween. You changing ofd the position is not getting saved to the keyframe, so it goes to frame 1 (old start position) and then smoothly moves towards the final keyframe.

can you try this capture mode in project and send me?
Maybe i did wrong

I really think you did it right it’s not too error prone when building the animation from scratch, but give me a day and I can make your request.

@cattynebulart, when In CA mode (capture mode) the feature is supposed to dynamically sense the current state of the track and adjust it accordingly. But the mode does have some strange quirks depending on the loop mode. I think the OPs main issue though, seen in the video, is that it stutters hard at the first key frame.

In one off mode it would snap form the original position to the first key frame point, and interpolate to the next and stop for the rest of the animation time. (@perded if this is your issue then make sure your original position matches the first key frame, if I remember correctly it would snap in all loop modes)

In loop mode it would stay within the two points going back and forth.

In pingpong mode it would sit at the key frame positions when the play head was not between the key frames, only interpolating when between the key frames.

This gives CA a unique behavior not achievable with other modes.

Maybe it a bug since it is not blending from the original position.

It is a issue

It looks like it may have been fixed in 4.3 but I couldn’t find the merge label.

It is coming in 4.3

Ok im stupid
I just started the scene and it worked as it should, but it’s a pity that the feature doesn’t work in the editor

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Your not alone, I didn’t understand how it worked either.