change light filter (linear, linear mipmip anisotrophic, etc) during runtime

Godot Version



My main question is how to change the image filter type during runtime. I am trying to make a settings screen where the player can change the graphics quality depending on their system. I found out that you can change the light projector filter under the directory rendering/textures/light_projectors/filter, but if I changed it there, it would require the player to restart the game for it to apply, which is why I want to change it during runtime.

I’ve searched google and bing for hours, asked ai, tried to figure it myself, and looked at the docs, but I can’t find any info regarding to this.

As an add-on to my question, can someone also list all the things I can change during runtime that are from the project settings and how to do it? (for example, to change the width/height of the render resolution, you could use get_tree().root.content_scale_size)