Changing player position and collision

Godot Version



I have a tilemap that could be of any size based on player input that i then hollow out a space at the bottom of the tilemap based on the dimensions. The game hangs up and crashes if i try to set the players position to that location without disabling collision first… that would be fine if after doing so any attempt to then reenable collision wouldn’t cause the game to hang up and crash… i can either teleport the player there and they promptly fall through the map or i can leave collision enabled and then it crashes before it ever changes the players position… please advise.

ive tried Disabled = false and SetDeferred(“disabled”,false) and SetDeferred(“Disabled”,false)

I’m reluctant to mark this solved as i was able to get it to work by creating a 0.1 second timer that runs after the position change and before the collision enabling.

There’s no way that’s the correct procedure…