Charatcer customization, shape keys and different skeleton size

Some time ago I found a problem when implementing different character models/items in my RPG. We used 6 models, male/female for each races. Each race was supposed to have its own size, even with variations between male and female models. For some items, we used shape keys, for others (gloves, some body armors), a complete body part was required. But… when we tested gloves, the problem hit us: the female model was shorter, thus its skeleton was shorter, and glove was made around male skeleton hands. The glove fingers looked right in male, but were longer and deformed in female, and probably would have similar glitches in a race that was taller than the base male. We had to normalize all models to have same exact size.

So, my quesiton is, how can I solve this problem? In my game, being an isometric RPG, I can cheat having same size for all models, but in a TPS that wouldnt work.

There’s no known direct good way. A workaround might be to use MakeHuman. An item of clothing is made in MakeClothes and the program adapts it to the character, which is created in the same MakeHuman. As far as I know, even there you have to adjust the difference in male and female clothing a bit (if you’re picky).

…or you have to adjust everything by hand.

Here’s a bit about how it works. Including the transfer of shapekeys from MakeHuman to Godot.

The tutorial was made for G3, but it is also relevant for G4.

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We used Makehuman, but only to generate the character models. Armors and such were made by hand. By the way, my animators strongly recommend avoiding MH’s skeleton, it is awful to animate.

If you have already used MH, then everything should be easier. Clothes placed in MH (via MakeClothes) will adapt to the finished figure.

MH allows you to select different rigs.

You can try using Cascadeur to make it easier to work with animation.

The MH skeleton is not intended for use in gamedev. It is oriented to artists — static poses, short animations — something that involves a lot of manual tweaking with a lot of fine-tuning. For games you should use another — game rig.