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More than a year ago, after modelling a chessboard and its pieces in Blender, with the decisive help of a dear friend, I created a program written in Blender Game Engine (BGE) that I published on my website ( On this page PGNviewer3D – Avelino De Sabbata (Ave) the description of the work.

Now Blender 2.8 is about to be released and the BGE will no longer be supported. On the Blender site I read that we recommend the use of Godot instead of BGE and so my first thought is to make the BGE code of my program compatible with the scripting language of Godot (GDScript).

Easy to say, less easy in the reality!!!

I installed Godot and I played with it a bit, just enough to convince me that the task would be almost impossible for me: too many things to learn and… at my age… (71 years old) I don’t think I have the time, the patience and the perseverance to do it.

At the moment I understood how to import geometry into Godot, but here I stop and ask for help.

Is there not some willing person who is able to do the job? If so, I would be happy to hold a discussion and make the material available to him.

If you want to communicate directly with me quickly, on my site, at Dove sono – Avelino De Sabbata (Ave) you will find a form through which to send me an email.

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ave | 2019-06-25 16:52