Choice of nodes

Godot version 4.

Hi all I’m very new to Godot and am trying to recreate something like the computer game bounder but a 2d vertical version, the problem is I’m unsure what node to use for the main sprite.

Obviously I want the ball to continuously bounce and then bounce higher with button pressed but do I use just a 2d character and then code the bounce or use rigid body node?

I’ve read that physics on rigid body node can cause issues and is difficult to implement.


I would use a CharacterBody2D and implement the physics on my own.
You could simply use y.velocity and play around with variables to enable higher jumps on perfect button pressing.
Making the ball bounce constantly should be fairly manageable.
Even with a guide maybe :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Thank you so much for your help, I shall try and mess about with what you suggest.

I’m having a great time getting used to Godot.

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Hope you can find a solution to it.
Could you maybe answer once you tried that? Would be nice to know if it worked:)
Have a great development time!
*Always remember, even if it doesn’t work, you can still learn from it.