Climbing a ladder

Godot Version



so i have a ladder, and it has a area2d thingy and i want my player to be able to walk upwards on the ladder and no where else. ive tried to do this according to youtube tutorials and none have worked (they r for older game versions :frowning: )

are you using characterbody2d?

no i am using area2d, this is what my player looks like:
would it be better to change?

thank you for the screenshot.

try using a CharacterBody2D instead. then place your animatedsprite2d and collsionshape2d into the CharacterBody2D.

when you add a gdscript to CharacterBody2D, it will create a starter script, complete with gravity.

is there a way for me to do like on space clicked but only while in collision area thingy?