Collect some info on crash?!

Godot Version

Godot 4.3 dev2

Any way to get some info when the engine crashes…?
Program keeps crashing when using tileSets, such has editing the png image, drawing tiles running the scene…etc… btw msi afterburner and ruveTuner are turned OFF
[edit] this is not relative to 4.3, it has been happening all over ever since 4.1

If you’re compiling it from sources, you can attach a debugger to get a stack trace and memory dump with debug symbols. Other than that, there’s not much info to be obtained from the regular engine logs.

I tried to compile once using Vstudio Code, but with no success must ve installed the wrong @Net plugIn, and i most of the time i have i need to spent it drawing the levels… I guess its one of those bugs that will stay in here forever.
Not many people must be using the app execpt for maybe the people who made it, so there shouldnt be much of a problem… Iam sure theres already a report about it lost in Godot Proposals or bug reports.

That’s a lot of assumptions. Many people use Godot. You are using a dev build and bugs like that are to be expected until it is released. If you don’t report it, maybe nobody will if it depends on your specific hardware, which may be a thing.

It cant be the dev build, ( 4.2 stable ) was even worse. Maybe it only happens on my end… Something to do with having photoshop opened and the editor opened at the same time, since MSI afterBurner crashes the program…

But it would be good to know if more people are having the problem, it only takes 3 or 4 tileSet nodes per level instead of layers, for parallax effects and so on… then draw the level at will, and click the tile nodes on the left, and run the scene.

That’s a lot of assumptions. Many people use Godot

Dont really know what to tell you there, iam on a diference PC and the crashes still accour occasionally, normally when things like this happen, that is the case ( what i mentioned above ), but whatever…