Collision between static and character body issue

In my project, I have set a level as a scene, using the tilemap , everything works fine, the character have some features like wall sliding and stuff all working as expected.
There is an feature in the level where an area2d is used to detect the player which is working fine too.

Then I decided to add a static body, but the collision is not working for any layer other than the layer 5.
This is too much weird. I am having trouble to find why this is happening. I don’t remember coding anything to have such effect.
Yes I tested lots of layers but the collision only works if this static body is in layer 5.

Then I made a new project with minimum setup as possible only adding the tile map, and using the default coding for the character body which is not much different than the other, only that in the other project I am using a state machine implemented on top of this default code from character body.

Anyway, in this new project I tested like I did in the previous and all layers seems to work fine. No problem in having collisions in different layers.

What bugs me the most and is a big problem is that this possible bug seem very hard to detect why is happening and if it is indeed a bug.
Maybe redoing the whole project just copping everything to the new project to try to figure out if the problem persists, if not then it probably is a bug.

If anyone ever encounter this, pls share, maybe some of you know about this issue or even a solution.

so the issue here is sometimes the static body 2d cant detect/do collision with other physics body2d?
may i see your collision layer and mask for the static body 2d?