Collision help please

Godot Version



is there a way for me to do like ‘on space clicked but only while in a certain collision area’

You could do a two step process.

  • Keep track if you are in a certain collision area with a boolean value
  • When space is clicked, first check the value of the boolean before acting on it.

What you mean with “while in a certain collision area” is a bit ambiguous:

  • if you mean the mouse cursor is in the area of a CollisionObject2D or CollisionObject3D, then you can listen to the signals mouse_entered and mouse_exited for adjusting the boolean value.
  • if you mean, that a second CollisionObject is in the area of the specified CollisionObject, then you need to use the respective functions for adjusting the boolean value.

its another collision area, would u mind giving a bit of example code is possible?

Haven’t used that functionality in a while.

You might be better off to look at the docs.The topic of colliding physics objects is covered in the “First 2D game”.

oki thank you!