Collisions work physically,not logically

Godot Version

I use the stable version of Godot 3.5.


I met a problem that a rigid mode RigidBody2D named A collides with a KinematicBody2D,however,the message that written in the script of A cannot be printed out and the function cannot be recalled written in the _on_RigidBody2D_body_entered(body) function when two bodies actually collide except several scenario at special angle to collide or keep colliding and separating till it works.
I’ve checked their collision layers and masks,the contact monitor and contact monitor.What part else might results in this situation?

I don’t really know what may to be the cause of this problem, but I just watched this video and turns out move_and_slide() sometimes messes up the collisions registering, the fix is multiplying delta by the framerate of the game, I’m still not quite sure if it actually do anything.

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I have no idea either.But I solved the problem by the way in the video with raycast2D node!