ConfirmationDialog not working in EditorInspectorPlugin

Godot Version



How can i add a “ConfirmationDialog node” to a EditorInspectorPlugin ?

The only way to add nodes in the Inspector is with “add_custom_control”
Since this is not a Control i get an error

the ConfirmationDialog doesnt showUp anywere, there is no way to instanciat it ?

extends EditorInspectorPlugin

func _can_handle(object):
	if ( object is plugX1 ):
		return true;

func _parse_end(object):

	var btn_confirmationDialog =;
	btn_confirmationDialog.title = "Layer Name";
	btn_confirmationDialog.position = Vector2(200, 200 );
	btn_confirmationDialog.size = Vector2(200, 110);

	var btn_RenameText =;
	btn_RenameText.text = "type stuff";
	btn_RenameText.set( "theme_override_font_sizes/font_size" , 10 );
	btn_RenameText.custom_minimum_size.y = 20;



Invalid type in function ‘add_custom_control’ in base ‘EditorInspectorPlugin (’. The Object-derived class of argument 1 (ConfirmationDialog) is not a subclass of the expected argument class.
scene/main/node.cpp:1409 - Parameter “p_child” is null.