Confusion about camera following player in multiplayer

Here is my problem: I am trying to set up a multiplayer setup for a top down shooter, where each player would be followed by a camera. I set up the following code for my camera:

extends Camera2D

var smooth_lean := 5.0
var scale_lean := 0.1

@export var reg_lean = 0.1
@export var zoom_lean = 0.5

func _ready():
	if $"../MultiplayerSynchronizer".get_multiplayer_authority() == multiplayer.get_unique_id(): make_current()

func lean_camera_towards_mouse_(delta: float) -> void:
	var mouse_position := get_global_mouse_position()
	var mouse_offset := mouse_position - global_position

	var lean := mouse_offset * scale_lean
	offset = lerp(offset, lean, delta * smooth_lean)

func _process(delta) -> void:
	if Input.is_action_pressed("shift"):
		scale_lean = zoom_lean
		scale_lean = reg_lean

where the only important line to this question is the ready function. however, this is not working for me and the camera either follows the player on another client, or sometimes doesnt follow anybody at all. Additionally, changing

if $"../MultiplayerSynchronizer".get_multiplayer_authority() == multiplayer.get_unique_id(): make_current()


if $"../MultiplayerSynchronizer".get_multiplayer_authority() != multiplayer.get_unique_id(): make_current()

seemed to be more similar to the solution i was looking for, which caused me even more confusion. Any ideas anyone?

I seem to have solved the problem actually, placing the statement into my process function as opposed to my ready function did the trick, I think. However, if there are better solutions for this, I’d love to hear about them