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Im currently implementing the graphics settings for my game and im a bit confused about how to approach resolutions. I have read the multiple resolutions page of the godot help, but im note quite sure if i understand correctly.

So my questions are:

Instead of providing a list of supported screen resolutions to the user, i instead have the game set at a fixed resolution aka 1920x1080. This is the base resolution the game will operate on. Now if a user wants to increase or decrease their resolution, i instead provided them a slider for resolution scaling. Is that correct?

If this is the case, should i use Blinear, FSR1 or FSR2? FSR might not be supported by older graphics cards, so i assume i should let the user choose these options?

Yes, but note that resolution scaling only affects the 3D buffer, not 2D.

You should preferably expose all 3 options for the user to choose from (and probably default to bilinear as it’s the cheapest). FSR2 is the most demanding, FSR1 is less demanding, bilinear is the least demanding.

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