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Using “control” nodes, specifically “label”, I realized that they have signals. One of them is the mouse entering as if it were an Area2D. I tried to build a scene with a “control” node as the root and then within an “Hbox” add nodes of type “label”. My intention with this signal is that when I position the mouse over some “label” it shows a small description of how it works. of each “label”.
But it does not work. I also tried adding an “Area2D” to these “labels” with its respective collision to try to get a result.
Is there a way to wire these signals together to make them work?
Could my problem be layered?
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Thank you so much

I believe by default label nodes have their mouse Input disabled. Try changing the setting in: Mouse → Filter from ignore to pass or stop.

Also other control nodes could be consuming the input if that fails so you will want to change any parental nodes input to pass or ignore.

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