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Hi. I have made a simple 3d model of a building in Godot with a first person controller. I would like to be able to export this in a way that lets me run it from a linux server that others can access via a link. I have managed to get it running locally with html export, but having issues when trying to get it on the server. The server is a EC2 aws server running Ubuntu.
What I would like to know is what I need to do to get it running on that server

Since you talk about visuals like a 3D model and about sharing a link to the game, I assume that you are looking to self-host your webgame? Or in other words: You do not want to run your game on a linux server. You want the game to run in the web browser of your users.

In this case, you would use a normal web export (just like for or similar), and configure your EC2 instance to serve the files. How to serve files depends on your setup, but on linux I personally like to use nginx. Also keep in mind that you will need to set the correct headers for Godot to work, as noted here:

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Thank you for rephrasing my question, that is exactly what I wanted to ask. Another question I have is, do I have to compile the project on Linux or should it work just fine on Windows?

Using Windows is perfectly fine for this. Also as you are not exporting for Linux but rather for web, you won’t get any operating system dependent files. Instead you will end up with HTML files and some additional assets that will run in web browsers on any platform (once served by your web server to the user)

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If I can bother you once again, would nginx be all I need to get it to work? To serve the Godot exported html project.
I am very new to everything that has to do with servers.

Yes, nginx should be enough to serve static files