Cozy Space Survivors 🚀

It’s Linux and windows on steam. On itch you can find a Mac version. But I didn’t find a solution to put Mac on steam . It did result in errors :frowning:

New Splash Screen

French Loca:

Fixed Camera Option:

  • Achievement Tweaks, can now also be cleared if limits were not met
  • Fix: Exploit, Choco was not immediately removed AND STORED IN THE SAVEGAME, when buying a meta upgrade → exiting game with F4 in loading screen → got meta upgrade but didn’t stored new choco value in savegame
  • Fix Linux Achievements not working (linux version was full version, and not the demo [which uses a different app iD])
  • Option for Fixed-Camera-Movement
  • Bugfix: One small bug is that if you have settings or options open and you hit start on the controller it will unpause the game with the menu still open
  • Add more small asteroids fields in the empty areas
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New Quest

Lente is running an art contest right now and this is my contribution: I made a pixel art version of her boat and added a new quest where you do the same as in her game: Clean the world from spilled oil.

And there is also a new achievement for this:


Limit Enemy Texts

A player mentioned that it’s sometimes confusing when too many NPCs are on-screen and all are talking. Now only two NPC texts can be active at the same time:


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I appreciate moving the quest guidance markers. On an 21:9 ultrawide, they could be a long way from where my eyes were focused.

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  • Mouse cursor now hidden when gamepad/keyboard is used
  • Mouse cursor now confined to game window when mouse is used
  • Limits for reaching achievement is now lower since the demo offers only 1 ship (e.g. instead of killing 2048 enemies with lasers, you only need 512 for the demo)
  • Added Credits-Menu
  • Game pauses now, when Controller is disconnected during play session

New Meta Upgrade

You can now unlock twice the amount of boxies which are randomly spawned in space.


  • List in End-Screen can now be scrolled via Gamepad-Stick
  • Fixed a little camera-hickup when a boxy is collected and the camera zooms out (was only present when using the Non-Lazy-Cam-Follow-Mode)

Cloud Save Enabled

I enabled cloud save, and hopefully it will not corrupt save games. It should work for windows and also Linux!

Added “Play Again!”-Button

This button in the End-Screen will take you directly to the Meta-Upgrade-Menu (where you can invest your just collected chocolate). It saves two clicks/button-presses because it skips the main menu and also the ship selection.

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New test-iteration for the gif for the steam store page


Boxy Colors

The little boxies have now clearer difference in their colors:

Cross Cloud Save, Dutch & Fixes

  • Dutch Loca is in the game (thanks to Joppe Min)!

  • Works now as cross-save between Windows and Linux.

  • Fixed: Guidance-Dots-Direction now calculated based on Player-Pos (not Cam-Pos)

  • Fixed: Options/Credits-Menu could be opened several times on top of eachother

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This game got a lot of improvements! Nice to see the evolution!

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recently in my web browser cozy space hides the mouse cursor. can we have an option not to hide the mouse cursor? i will look to see if i can find a firefox extension in the meantime.

Thanks for the hint. I’ve just uploaded a new version of the web version where the cursor is not hidden anymore.

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thank you very much for that. also i have to know, what max level have you achieved?

good question…to be honest i don’t play the game that much :smiley: it costs too much time and i need to finish it, fix bugs etc. i think some people might have reached 16 but i could be wrong…

17 was my max level. if you don’t like a weapon, maybe have a button to re-roll (once) in exchange for chocolate.

what was in this box? i will never know :frowning:

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also i’d love if i could add 5 minutes to the run in exchange for chocolate.

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oh no! poor boxy! :,( nice find!

is there a specific reason for that? do you have the feeling to not have enough time to solve quests or do you just want to max out more stuff on the ship? or something else?

after putting in the effort to equip and upgrade your ship, it is fun to fly around and plow through hoards of enemies. it could be a saboteur mode where you use chocolate to make it harder for the programmer to fix everything so it takes longer than 10 minutes.

edit: you could shoot chocolate at an enemy so it goes haywire (because cold heartless algorithm mobs don’t like chocolate) and the mob messes with the timer, adding extra minutes :smiley:

New Weapon Upgrades

You can now upgrade the weapon damage and/or frequency when leveling up. For the Laser Hula-Hoop increasing the frequency means that it rotates faster.

Here is a fun GIF when I tested the frequency and set the multiplier to x10 (ingame it’s 2x max):

Added Damage Numbers

You can now see how much damage you actually do.

And you can enable/disable the damage numbers in the options menu:

Play Demo & Wishlist: Cozy Space Survivors on Steam

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Played the demo, I’m excited for the release!

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