Create projectile works in one scene but not the other [Solved]

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Working code - I have BlueBasicEnemy fires homing projectiles at the player. Works great. Code below:

extends CharacterBody2D

var t: float = 0.0

@onready var BLUE_BASIC_PROJ = preload("res://scenes/blue_basic_proj.tscn")
@onready var main_game = $"../.."
@onready var ship = $"../../ship"
@onready var bb_1 = $"."

# Fire at Player
func _process(delta: float) -> void:
	t += delta
	if t >= 1.0:
		t -= 1.0

func attack_homing():
	var projectile = BLUE_BASIC_PROJ.instantiate()
	projectile.position = position
	if bb_1:

And here’s the projectile code:

extends Area2D

const MOVE_SPEED = 300
const STEER_FORCE = 100

var velocity = Vector2.ZERO
var acceleration = Vector2.ZERO
var target = null

@onready var bb_1 = preload("res://scenes/BlueBasicEnemy.tscn").instantiate()
@onready var shipcall = preload("res://scenes/ship.tscn").instantiate()

func seek():
	var steer = Vector2.UP
	if target:
		var desired = (target.position - position).normalized() * MOVE_SPEED
		steer = (desired - velocity).normalized() * STEER_FORCE
	return steer

func _physics_process(delta):
	acceleration = seek()
	velocity += acceleration * delta
	position += velocity * delta

func launch(target): = target

func _on_body_entered(_body):
	Globals.HitBy = "blue"
	Globals.ReflectTarget = bb_1

^ This all works. I have the ship firing back when hit, this is the part not working and I think(?) it’s a tree issue but I’m too inexperienced at this.

Ship code (not working): (collision calls the reflect func, that’s all good)

extends CharacterBody2D

const SPEED = 400.0

const REFLECT_PROJ = preload("res://scenes/reflect_proj.tscn")

@onready var MAIN_GAME = $".."
@onready var bb_1 = $"../Enemies/BB1"

func reflect():
	var projectile = REFLECT_PROJ.instantiate()


	projectile.global_position = self.global_position


I get “Invalid call. Nonexistent function ‘addchild’ in base ‘Nil’.”
If I @onready the REFLECT_PROJ instead of const, I get a similar error there.
Here’s my tree:
Screenshot from 2024-06-20 12-21-26

My inexperience is kicking my butt. Let me know if I can clarify anything.

function is add_child not addchild

also it appears that MAIN_GAME is nil when the function reflect is called when is it called?

Okay NONE of my variables are working in this script…
Everything is coming back null.
Screenshot from 2024-06-20 13-57-16

So that’s the issue… dunno what’s causing it though…

Sorry, the “addchild” was just a typo in the post. The code in my script is


Yes MAIN_GAME is coming up Nil is my issue. I’ve tried many things like

const MAIN_GAME = preload("res://scenes/main_game.tscn")
@onready var MAIN_GAME = $MainGame

etc. I’m not really sure how to do it correctly. In the working one:

@onready var main_game = $"../.."

Was achieved by clicking and dragging from the tree with ctrl, and it worked fine, but that doesn’t want to work on the other one.

Sooo I finally figured this out. The func was being called from another script, so it wasn’t taking the node path from the script within that function, I had to provide it from the other script calling it.