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Hi all,

Noob here, I have a question that I was hoping someone night be able to answer. I created/creating a small very basic game with the help of a tutorial. However the tut I was following did not show anything about UI elements. So what I need is advice on how to create a very basic UI to a game that already exists, you know very basic, like how many coins you have collected. I’ll figure out how to join up the elements later so they function later. Just need the labels in a UI format like Unity, that is a label with “Coins” and another label where I will place the amount. So, does anyone know of tut(s) like this that are just bare bones?

As always if anyone can help here is a big thankyou in advance.


Don’t worry!

I found out that the element I needed was a CanvasLayer. I might to able to make a start now. I can’t believe none of the tuts I saw mentioned this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Oh well, live and learn.

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thanks for answering it, i was looking for it as well

Here’s a good tutorial for UI stuff as well - it covers how to do layouts that work when you resize the window and that kinda thing:

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