Creating large collision polygons in TileSet editor

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I wonder if I’m missing something.

My tile size is 32x32. It’s pretty easy to create a collision polygon for a tile that is exactly that size. However if I have a tile that is larger, it’s very hard to create the shape I want because the polygon editor grid only covers the “base cell”.

My collision polygons are almost always basic rectangles with sizes that are multiples of 32x32. But because the grid only covers one 32x32 tile, it’s hard to tell where exactly should I place the polygon points. I know that you can expand the polygon editor but that doesn’t help much because the grid doesn’t expand.

When working with very large tiles, like building tiles, I temporarily edit the image file to mark where I should place the points but there has to be a better way?

Enabling “Grid Snap” should do the trick. The icon for it is in the same row at the “Expand editor” button, but all the way to the right, showing a little magnet.


Thank you so much! Actually I had the grid snap enabled and it didn’t work but you helped me to realize that I have to change the grid step to 1 instead of 32. I can’t believe I didn’t try that earlier, it seems so obvious now.

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