Cross server communication


Hello o/
Is it possible to save communication between two unrelated game servers as a general chat?
Do I need to create a third hub server for this? Or am I reinventing the wheel?
Are there any known approaches for such tasks?
Thank you!

I’m afraid I don’t get the questions. Why would two unrelated game servers communicate in the first place? :thinking: And what do you mean by “save […] as a general chat”?

You can connect server A to server B and call RPCs like if server A was a client and server B was your “hub” server

It was worth mentioning that the servers do not have connections to each other. This would require connecting all servers to each new server, which doesn’t make sense. But a solution was found, as I indicated in the description, it is easier to create a separate server that will be responsible for all cross-server communications.
Thanks for the answer!