DAP unable to find executable

Godot Version

v4.2.1.stable.mono.official [b09f793f5]


Hey yall, I have been trying on and off to get debugging working for C# with godot 4.2 mono for neovim, I have been trying to follow this guide (Visual Studio Code — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English) as neovim can basically use most vscode debuggers, and I am getting the below error

‘/home/user/GodotProjects/LambastAddon/addons/Lambast/bin/godot.linuxbsd.editor.dev.x86_64.llvm’: unable to find executable for ‘${workspaceFolder}/bin/godot.linuxbsd.editor.dev.x86_64.llvm’.
I am not seeing a bin anywhere in my godot project folder ( is this supposed to point to the executable in my path? or do I need to build from source to do this? )
If anyone with a bit more knowledge on this topic could reach out that would be great!