(DEBUG) is written next to the game name on the window when I run the game

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I’m learning Godot from the tutorial on the site. I’m following the tutorial to the letter but after a while (towards the creation of the game_over function) when I launch the game, the window is empty and there’s ‘(DEBUG)’ written next to the name of the game. This is strange because godot doesn’t give me any errors. If anyone can help me solve this problem, that would be great.
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Je suis en train d’apprendre Godot à partir du tutoriel sur le site. Je suis le tutoriel à la lettre mais au bout d’un moment (vers la création de la fonction game_over) quand je lance le jeu, la fenêtre est vide et il y a écrit ‘(DEBUG)’ à côté du nom du jeu. C’est étrange car godot ne me donne aucune erreur. Si quelqu’un peut m’aider à résoudre ce problème, ce serait formidable.
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This is normal. When you run the game from inside the editor, it starts in debug mode, which means that it can connect back to the editor, and do things like send text to the output panel.

Could you have switched the main scene by mistake? When you press the play button, the scene file that starts is the one highlighted in blue.

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How can I exit debug mode?