Debugger not working - Latest Stable non-Mono release on Windows 10

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By trjp

Using the latest 3.2.1 (non-Mono) release - tested with my own code and downloaded demos - the debugger just doesn’t work…

Breakpoints are hit/projects are suspended as yuo’d expect however the debugger tab in the editor isn’t activated/doesn’t do anything and - well - that’s the end of that…

I’ve checked editor settings ( - I’ve checked the firewall isn’t blocking that (I even disabled the firewall -made no difference)

What am I missing here - I find it hard to believe I’m the ONLY person this has affected??

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: trjp

Update: restarted system - made no difference

Decided to change the debug port to a random number (6262) and that works!

I guess that means I have something using 6007 - hmmm, bad luck bears on that one I guess??

p.s. I did a bit of research - Logitech Options (mouse and keyboard software) uses port 6007 for something - so that’s my issue here and MIGHT be yours? :slight_smile: