Debugging Godot 3.x in Visual Studio 2022

Godot Version

3.3.0, 3.5.3


Hi I’ve been working with Godot 3.3.0 and Visual Studio Community 2019 and debugging worked, as breakpoints hit when expected.
Now I have VS Community 2022, and I can run the Godot app, but debugging is not working.
I followed the instructions to specify the following in the Launch profile:



Command line arguments:

–path . --verbose -d

But this still doesn’t trigger my breakpoint, in any location I put it (constructor of the main Game class, anywhere).

Any idea on how to solve this issue?

I also tried running the 2.5D demo, but that project doesn’t restore the Godot.Net.Sdk package, as it complains with ‘MSBuildSDK’ is not compatible with this kind of project.

I’m feeling lost, and I really need to debug my game.

Thanks in advance.