Deleted Plugins courses Error. Script is gone


I delete a plugin (Dialogic) and after is a have this Error. But everything works fine. Could i just ignore it?
before deleting this plugin i never had that error

My Code from DialogManager

extends Node

@onready var text_box_scene = preload("res://scenes/textbox.tscn")

var dialog_lines: Array[String] = []
var current_line_index = 0

var text_box
var text_box_position: Vector2

var is_dialog_active:bool  = false
var can_advance_line:bool = false

func start_dialoge(position: Vector2, lines:Array[String]):
	if is_dialog_active:
	dialog_lines = lines 
	text_box_position = position
	is_dialog_active = true

func _show_text_box():
	text_box = text_box_scene.instantiate()
	text_box.global_position = text_box_position
	can_advance_line = false

func _on_text_box_finished_displaying():
	can_advance_line = true
func _unhandled_input(event):
	if (
		event.is_action_pressed("move_jump") &&
		is_dialog_active &&
		current_line_index += 1
		if current_line_index >= dialog_lines.size():
			is_dialog_active = false
			current_line_index = 0

My Code from Textbox

extends MarginContainer

@onready var label = $MarginContainer_label/Label
@onready var timer = $Letter_display_timer

const MAX_WIDTH = 256

var text:String = ""
var letter_index:float = 0

var letter_time = 0.03
var space_time = 0.06
var punctuation_time = 0.02

signal finished_displaying()

func display_text(text_to_display: String):
	text = text_to_display
	label.text = text_to_display
	await resized
	custom_minimum_size.x = min(size.x, MAX_WIDTH)
	if size.x > MAX_WIDTH:
		label.autowrap_mode = TextServer.AUTOWRAP_WORD
		await resized #wait for x resize
		await resized #wait fpr y resize
		custom_minimum_size.y = size.y
	global_position.x -= (size.x / 2) * scale.x 
	global_position.y -= (size.y + 24) * scale.y
	label.text = ""

func _display_letter():
	label.text += text [letter_index]
	letter_index += 1
	if letter_index >= text.length():
	match text[letter_index]:
		"!", ".", ",", "?":
		" ":

func _on_letter_display_timer_timeout():

Try closing godot, removing the .godot folder, and opening it again. It will re-import everything, should clean up plugin residue.

I’ve already done that twice.doesn’t help

I’ve never used Dialogic, but your errors don’t seem to have anything to do with it? :thinking: My guess would be that you simply call text_box.queue_free() in your unhandled_input function before the textbox gets resized. So when the display_text function is resumed after await resized, the node (and with it, the attached script) is gone, hence the error.

so i really don’t know why this happens. But this line courses the error. If i have the scale on 0.7 it shows errors. If its on 0.8,06 or 1 it works perfect

	global_position.x -= (size.x / 2) * scale.x
	global_position.y -= (size.y + 24) * scale.y