Did godot handle many players in multiplayer mode

I am new to godot engine, honestly, I am currently learning godot for past 2 days about 2d development, my question is that, can godot handle multiplayer like 15 to 30 players in a single simple map, if not, then how much players it will handle to run the game smoothly?, the map game is an simple 3d Or 2d, the area of the map is not like big gaint, is an small map. Did godot support that, I am beginner to this engine, so that’s why I am asking, please reply About it’s performance in multiplayer.
Thanks in advance

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Yes, Godot is fully capable of handling this amount of players on a single server.


bro super , thanks for information , but I have another doubt , I mean bro, the pubg , freefire contains 50 players in a map but there will be millions of players divided into 50 each , I mean same map, 50 players each but many players playing at the same time.
I don’t know till now about how the server works with the our game while in multiplayer , but in future I will learn , but now I am asking most straight forwardly is that after we made the game in godot with very very simple 3d map with 30 multiplayers inside the map, does it handle large traffic, bro your are experienced so you think my question may be stupid,
but please tell bro , did GAMES made by GODOT can handle large traffic while multiplayer.
I am going to launch multiplayer soon , now I learning 2d , that’s why asking
thanks in advance