Different options for ParticleProcessMaterial in 4.2.1 and 4.0.2

Godot Version



I was following https://youtu.be/nAh_Kx5Zh5Q?si=oYEOj8ywNEh7KoWb&t=17610
I did exact same steps but I see different options

In the video 4.0.2

Am I doing something wrong or has options been changed between those versions?


My version 4.2.1
Screenshot from 2024-02-02 04-38-28

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After checking I found the option I was looking for

I also realised that Filter Properties doesn’t search in those options under ParticleProcessMaterial. It only search in main.

I was expecting it to search in Process Material properties as well.

Found out how to filter properties of ParticleProcessMaterial

Screenshot from 2024-02-02 05-38-51