Disable multitouch on android? Godot 4.2.1

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Is there any way to disable multitouch on android? Problem is multiple layers with multiple buttons and I want to prevent clicking through buttons. I have now whole screen sized button as a backround on the top layer and there is this on pressed signal: get_viewport().set_input_as_handled();

it kinda works, but when there is two clicks on same time (two fingers) the other call goes through anyway On PC this setup works, but on the phone it doesnt. Maybe there is some other way to make this work? Other than putting more code on every button? I use touchscreenbuttons - if it does matter? Thanks!

Technically normal Buttons can only register one input at a time, so maybe you can use those.

Touchscreen buttons doesnt work on android. Atleast I cant get those working. Normal ones works fine on pc, but not on on my phones(Samsung s10 and honor 10).

in fact I touchsreenbutton might be one of the few input elements that works on my android phones. Atleast sliders and normal buttons wont work. Is there something that must be included in build to get those working? I wont use UI elements too much because of those dont work properly. On pc everything works fine. I havent tested this on latest version, but few previous godot versions.