Display a list of songs in the player

Hi all! I want to make a music player, but I don’t understand how to do it, the player should scan the folder that the user specifies for songs, then the songs should be displayed in the form of a list. And when the user selects the desired song, the player will play it.
I understand that I’m asking a lot, but I would figure it out myself if I had experience, which I have at a loss, and there are no guides on YouTube for the player.
For questions, write to my telegram @Fidence_Official
Thank you for listening ))

Yes. You’re asking someone else to do the work for you - for free!

By that logic, you would never learn anything! :roll_eyes:

If it isn’t on YouTube, it doesn’t exist, huh? Just did a quick search on GitHub:

I ask you to tell me how to do it, not to place an order! I myself understand perfectly well that if I don’t take up this myself, nothing will change. I’ve been teaching Godot for the second year now and I can’t brag about anything, I’m glad that you are very insightful, thank you! Good luck!

Sorry if my answer came across overly harsh. If you have any concrete questions, I’m happy to help. :slight_smile: It’s just that “How do I make a music player” is a fairly broad ask.

These projects should hopefully give you a good point of reference. Judging from your description, you likely will want to look into DirAccess and FileAccess (for scanning the folder of files), VBoxContainer and Label (to display them as a list) and AudioStreamPlayer (to actually play the song). Good luck!

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