Displaying a help instruction scene

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I am learning this software. So far I have completed the dodge the creeps demo and have been doing some modifications to it like shrinking the player and implementing a cooldown period. On the game page I have an instructions button. I want to display the instructions scene when the button is pressed.

The instructions scene consists of a canvasLayer node with child of ColorRect. If I add this as a child to the Main scene, the instructions always overlays everything even if I turn off the visibility. How to best get my instructions to display on the screen when the button is clicked. TIA.


Can you show what’s inside your HudInstructions scene?

White nodes (like CanvasLayer) do not care about whether their parents are visible or not. You need to hide the CanvasLayer as well.

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This is the hudinstructions scene.

I got it working my removing the HudInstructions scene out of the main scene and switching back and forth with change_scene_to_file: ex.