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Hello dear Godot Community!
I am new to the Godot Engine, but I have experience with Unity and Unreal Engine.

I am actually a developer of Artificial Intelligence and automation of complex processes in the industry.

In the Godot Engine, I would like to start by creating a benchmark test and later a complex mobile game.

As the Godot Engine works with Scenes and I am new, I would like to know how to create the following:

Background processes like the general-purpose Artificial Intelligence I have planned (including for generation and in-game changes of the map).

So, how can I in Godot Engine 4 manage a dynamically growing and shrinking number of Scenes or which other Nodes would control that? In other engines, I usually write a main process and load the content into it, and I would like to do the same in Godot Engine 4.

How can I reduce the number of Scenes in my projects and what should I consider when creating folders and folder structures? What are my options here?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Maik Thor

Godot threads and compute shaders

Easiest way is to extend a generic Node class and call it main.

You can write one monolithic node class. Interacting with the various servers you can invoke various properties visually without ever instantiating a new scene. Not worth it in my opinion.

The scene tree is just that a non-cyclical graph. you can cull a branch and it’s children. Or rearrange it to another parent.

It’s whatever organization you want. You can group them by relation, or group them by use. Or hybrid it