Edit Line2D node as child of a scene

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I think I have a very basic question, but didn’t find any useful hints on how to achieve it.

Let’s imagine two scenes (both a Area2D node). One called “level”, the other one “road” … the road scene contains a Line2D node and is instanced in the level scene. Like this:

┖ road.tscn (instance)
┖ Line2D

My question is this now.
Is there a way for me to edit the Line2D Node in my level scene being in the instanced road scene as if I added it like a regular node directly in the level (with my mouse, not via GDScript so to speak)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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How/what do you want to edit, with code or in the editor? The question is a bit confusing. :slight_smile:

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you mean editing instantiated child in a scene?

if not, then just edit it in the road scene


Hey, thanks for highlighting this. I wasn’t aware of that checkbox.
I was looking for something that doesn’t make the entire Child with ALL its nodes editable (I expected some sort of functionality to “expose” individual nodes only), but that’ll do. Thanks again!

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