Enabling Run action when Shift is pressed on TPS Demo

Godot Version



Hey everyone,

Just started using Godot today for the first time.
Thought I would learn by modifying the TPS Demo that was recently added, since a modified version of that player controller would be what I want to do.

Not a programmer, but I can muddle my way through scripting. I figured out I need to add an ENUM for the new RUN action, which I declared in the player.gd
I also added an elif for the RUN action to the animate function, and added the run animation to the animation tree with a speed increase node. Not a math person, so I just copied the same vector calculation used for the walk motion, at least for now.
Then I added the run action on shift to the Input Map as well.

But of course nothing happens when shift is pressed, or I wouldn’t be writing this post. So either a push towards an existing tutorial that has the info I need, or just helping me understand what I have overlooked would be much appreciated! If linking to a guide, preference would be for a stills-based guide, not video. Much prefer reading over listening.