Enemy spawning on scene it's not meant to

Godot 4

I have no clue why but for some reason one of my enemies keeps spawning on a scene it’s not meant to. It’s the second enemy that keeps spawning on the first enemy scene.
code for first enemy fight:

extends Node
@export var mob_scene: PackedScene

func _ready():


func _process(delta):

func _on_timer_2_timeout():

func _on_timer_timeout():
var mob = mob_scene.instantiate()
var mob_spawn_location = $Path2D/PathFollow2D
var direction = mob_spawn_location.rotation + PI /2
mob.position = mob_spawn_location.position
direction += randf_range(-PI / 4, PI / 4)
mob.rotation = direction
var velocity = Vector2(randf_range(150.0, 250.0), 0.0)
mob.linear_velocity = velocity.rotated(direction)

func _on_timer_3_timeout():

code for second enemy fight:

extends Node
@export var mob_scene2: PackedScene

func _ready():

func _on_timer_timeout():

var mob2 = mob_scene2.instantiate()
mob2.rotation = 0
mob2.position = Vector2(250, randf_range(-450 , 450))
var velocity2 = Vector2(randf_range(-150.0, -250.0), 0.0)
mob2.linear_velocity = velocity2.rotated(0)

this spawn the 2nd enemy

Right but it’s spawning on the second scene like it should but it’s also spawning on the first scene which it shouldn’t

it spawn on the same timer