Enfora Star (former Star Defender) - Welcome to read the project's devlog

Hi all,

I’d like to share my devlog website, where I do blog posts about my game project called Star Defender, a top-down arcade-like shooter game. I use Godot 3.5 to develop this project.

Some pre-alpha screenshots:

The game is in a very early stage, so if you are interested in reading about the development process from the very beginning, feel free to visit the

I already mentioned this in the community forum, but I’d like to mention my project here too. Also, I will post here (and in the community forum) when I publish a new post on the page.

Feel free to give feedback and thoughts here in this forum too!



Here is also a short demo of the current progress:

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A new blog post was published. I’m focusing more on the Godot in this post and the reasons why I chose the Godot engine for the project.

Link to the post


The new post is published!

Finally, I have something visual to present!

I’m showing some weapon concepts that I have planned and also talking about other stuff too.

The new post


A new blog post is published!

Now I have some enemies to show up!

Please go and check them up!

Link to the post


Here is a trailer of the current progress:

Share your thoughts and feedback!

The new blog post is also released.



It’s looking fantastic! I’d like to suggest different types enemy of ships (even if just pallet swapped versions) that have different types of weapons that are effective at different ranges, and an A.I. that tries to maintain an orbit at their optimal weapon distance.

That is a good idea, thanks for the feedback!


I’d like to share the new color palettes of some enemies. On the left is the old, gray color palette, and on the right is the new, more colorful palette. Do you prefer the old ones or the new ones?

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Hi all!

Here is a fresh blog post about the project!


Introducing new colorful enemies and the very first background.

Happy readings!



I have finally come up with the name of the game: Enfora Star!

See the blog post for the capsule image and more detailed information about the current status of the project.

But, if you are too busy to read the post, here are some samples about the new shooter enemy and the turrets!



Until next time!



Looks awesome fun! Did you run into any slow downs or lag issues with your particle emitters for explosions and blast waves? If so did you do anything to smooth that out?

I have not encountered any lag issues so far. I use CPUParticle systems, which I think should have better performance.