Error: Aborted(external symbol 'emscripten_memcpy_js' is missing. perhaps a side module was not linked in? if this function was expected to arrive from a system library, try to build the MAIN_MODULE with EMCC_FORCE_STDLIBS=1 in the environment)

Godot Version

4.3 dev 6


I took my project from year 4.2 and moved it to 4.3 dev 6
Well, I have 2 plugins
1 yandex sdk
2 to restart the page when loading the game
I made a build for the web
Having previously disabled multithreading
I ran it on Yandex games and locally on the server
The same thing everywhere
Please help !!! uwu

Did you found any solution? Having the same problem. Enabling thread support on the web export window makes this error disappear but i get a different one…