Error : Invalid set index 'animation' (on base: 'Nil') with value of type 'String'

Godot 4


I am setting up a script so that when the Player touches the endPoint, it will play an animation but i get the error at the top.

extends Node

var points = 0
func addPoints():
	points += 1

func endLevel():
	print("End Level")
	PlayerAnimated.animation = "Disapear"    <<Right here is where the error occurs
	await get_tree().create_timer(5.0).timeout
	print("End again")

The end and end again is to make sure the game gets to that point

I set up an autoload for it name PlayerAnimated and make the animated sprite its own scene

is PlayerAnimated, the autloaded scene have an AnimatedSprite2D or AnimationPlayer as the root node?

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is PlayerAnimated ever deleted?

No It is not deleted

Maybe the Autoload wasn’t set up correctly then. If it isn’t queue_free()'d anywhere then it should be giving a syntax error, but once it reaches this section PlayerAnimated == null.

Yeah idk, i might just scrap it and start over because its the first game iv made without a tutorial