Error when trying to debug the application

Godot Version: Godot_v4.2.1-stable_mono_win64

Error (1):
ERROR: .NET Sdk not found. The required version is ‘8.0.3’.
at: void GodotTools.GodotSharpEditor._EnablePlugin() (/root/godot/modules/mono/editor/GodotTools/GodotTools/GodotSharpEditor.cs:471)

Error (2):
ERROR: vkCreateComputePipelines failed with error -1000012000.
at: (drivers/vulkan/rendering_device_vulkan.cpp:6653)

Please help me

Have you installed the .NET framework?

The more information you provide, the greater the chance someone will help you. To start, it would be good to make sure you have the correct version of the .NET framework installed.