Error when using PathFollow3D

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  <C++ Error>    Condition "p_target.is_zero_approx()" is true. Returning: Basis()
  <C++ Source>   core/math/basis.cpp:1029 @ looking_at()
  <Stack Trace> @ _process()

This error occurs every time you start moving along a path and is repeated exactly as many times as there are points on the path.
With rotation_mode None the error occurs only once, regardless of the number of points on the path.
Switching checkboxes in PathFollow3D and disabling rotation does not remove the error.
Using look_at breaks the movement along the path and the object teleports in a completely incomprehensible direction before reaching the end point.
Godot 4.2.2
P.S. If you want to take a closer look at the code, I can send you the entire project, since it weighs 8 MB

The first function starts the movement, the second function places points on the path. I think I need to somehow change the movement along the path, but I have no idea how.

func _process(delta: float) -> void:
	_path_follow.progress += move_speed * delta
	if _path_follow.progress_ratio >= 1.0:
		_is_walking = false
		_path_follow.progress = 0.00001
		position = grid.calculate_map_position(cell)

func walk_along(path: PackedVector3Array) -> void:
	if path.is_empty():
	for point in path:
		curve.add_point(grid.calculate_map_position(point) - position)
	cell = path[-1]
	_is_walking = true

Error in line
_path_follow.progress += move_speed * delta