Error while hiding a Control Node

Hello, I’m making the Interaction System of my game in Godot 4 and I’m making that the Interact UI hides when the raycast is not hovering on the interactable object, but it gives me this error: E 0:00:00:0482 @ _process(): Node not found: “Player_UI” (relative to “/root/Mundo/Player/Head/Camera3D/InteractRay”).
<C++ Error> Method/function failed. Returning: nullptr
<C++ Source> scene/main/node.cpp:1651 @ get_node() @ _process()

This is the code:


The $ symbol gets nodes from the current script’s node. You may have entered the wrong path, which is why $Player_UI is null. Drag and drop the Player_UI node from the editor to the code editor to fix the path.

I did it, and It’s the same, it give’s me the same error.
(I changed the name)

If you could take a screenshot of the structure of your scene, that would be great.


As I said, the pathname is wrong. In your scene, only the Mundo node has access to interactUI via “$interactUI”.

I don’t see RayCast3D in the screenshot, is he under Player?
If so, then the path would be something like $“…/…/interactUI”.

You can drag and drop the node from the editor directly into the code to make sure the path is correct.


Ok, I’m going to explain, the player is in another scene, and the interactUI the same, so… I have to put the interact UI as a children of the interact ray or something?

Not that it has to be there. Because $interactUI is essentially self.get_node(“. /interactUI”), if you want to use $interactUI, interactUI must be a child of the script node.