Error with the Vulkan-renderers Forward+ and Mobile: game window (started from editor via F5) shows black and closes without errors

Godot Version

4.2.2 c# edition


Cheers everyone,
with Brackeys starting on Godot I decided to also move from Unity to Godot. I didn’t encounter any problems until I started to run the test scene with the 2d player I made. The window shows up, stays black and closes without any sign of the player char made (testet in compatibility mode - works fine, so there is actually an problem). I run an old (but to now flawlessly working) GTX 1070 with fully updated drivers (as my windows is). The Vulkan api is working fine in other games, that rely on it - I therefore assume, its something Godot-related.

Thanks for your thoughts :).

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I recomend you create an issue on Godot github, is the best place for you find technical support for that:

Issues · godotengine/godot (

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Thanks for the tip - now reading through the tec problems - I also might find some fellow tormented ones :smiley: