Every build clears inspector assignments

Godot Version

v4.2.stable.mono.official [46dc27791]


When I use exports for anything other than a basic type, for example just the following script on a new empty project:

using Godot;

public partial class Example : Node3D
    [Export] public FastNoiseLite fastNoiseLite;

Every time I make any change to Example and build my project (Alt+B) it unassigns the field in the inspector. I need to build the project quite frequently, is there anything I can do to stop the inspector clearing out the value? I realize I could forget about the inspector and instantiate it in _Ready() but I’d prefer to be able to make in-editor changes.

Nvm, doesn’t seem to happen in the latest version, no idea how to close or edit a thread

As soon as you mark a reply as the solution (which you did), it will automatically close a month after the last reply

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