Export of a mobile game with .csv file for Android

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I have created a mobile game in Godot 4.2.1. In this game the translations are saved in a .csv. When I export this project for Android and start it in Android, no translations are found.

It works on my PC. I therefore assume that the .csv file is not included when exporting to an .apk file.

I have also tried once in the export settings under Resources/Filters to export non-resource *.csv. Unfortunately, this does not work either.

why not create a dictionary per language directly on godot with the csv content?

im using something like this, in the first stage of the game i load the desired dictionary

var langeng = {
var langesp = {

from the csv sure you can end with with something like this with a few find and replace, or build a simple code that generates that structure from the csv to be able to copy and paste

I have read that it should work with a .csv file in Godot and therefore I have chosen this way. I also find it more elegant to manage the translations externally than in the code. I would choose this option if you only need to translate a small number of words.