Export ranged vector3

Godot Version 4.2.1

How to export ranged vector.

In godot for rotation there is slider and range of -360 to 360 how can I export property like that.

I don’t think you can export a Vector3 with ranged properties.

You can export an int or float with ranges using @export_range()

But in Node3D rotation it ranges -360 to 360 for each component. I want to export property like that.

extends Node

var my_vector_3:Vector3 = Vector3.ZERO

func _get_property_list() -> Array[Dictionary]:
	var props:Array[Dictionary] = []

		"name": "my_vector_3",
		"type": TYPE_VECTOR3,
		"hint_string": "-360,360,0.1"

	return props


Thank you. This is really helpful.

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