Fails to serialize event signal delegate

Godot Version



I have this issue, or rather a warning. It does not currently seem to break anything but it does seem to be an issue.

Each time i rebuild my project, my custom signals will print out a message with “Failed to serialize event signal delegate: ”

When i place it in my main addon cs file it seems to not produce an error, tho the way i apply it into the class is like its shown in the docs.

As said it doesnt seem to break anything as far as i can tell, but i would like to know why it is producing such a message. I merely inserted a signal in my class.

I even tried commenting out all content of the class, to see if it was something in the class, beside that only other things to mention is that it extends Node and its inside a namespace. tho that should not matter.

I can use the signal without issues. And it only produces the error when unloading.

Ps. The signal does not take any parameters. So its as simple as it can be.

Ps. Ps. The warning is only shown in the console when “verbose” is on.

Ps. Ps. Ps. Also happens in the EditorPlugin file, i was too quick with that one. So basicly it happens as soon as i create a custom signal. Is there something i need to do which ain’t mentioned in the docs in regards of cleanup etc?