Fallacy Quiz - Made with Godot 4 - Beta available

I’m making this game, Fallacy Quiz about rhetorical fallacies. It’s already available as a beta on itch and will soon be available on steam.

It was recently featured on itch which is pretty cool :slight_smile:

If you have any question or want to learn more, feel free to ask :wink:


How much content is there?

For how long do you plan to add content?

I think I’ll add content until the final build. Maybe I’ll make some big updates afterwards if there’s interest.

I just made a new game mode selection screen! I wanted to do something original, so I drew a ton of layers in krita and made all of them come to life in Godot


Hello everyone! I’m super excited to share with you all the info about the latest update of Fallacy Quiz, version 0.2. It’s been an absolute joy to work on this project.

Fallacy Quiz is a game where you are challenged to identify logical and rhetorical fallacies in various statements. It’s been available in early access for more than a month here and this is the biggest update to the beta yet. In this devlog, I’d like to show the new features, explain what was changed, some bug fixes that have been implemented based on your valuable feedback, and also share some info about the future of the project!

New Features

The Fallacy Glossary, a book simulation

This is clearly the highlight of today’s update. I’ve created a virtual book filled with descriptions and examples of close to fifty rhetorical fallacies. This is now accessible within the game, allowing players to flip through pages just like in real life!

It’s been an incredible learning experience for me as well, as it has deepened my understanding of logical fallacies, but also my technical know-how, because this book was a pain to make on the technical side. It’s not a menu, it’s an actual 3D book with realistic physics that you can interact with, even down to the sound of the pages flipping. The book can be explored using either your mouse or your keyboard. All the descriptions are available both in English and French.

Make your own rules, Custom Mode

Some players suggested to create a mode without time limits to be able to play with other people, discuss and debate about each statement at their own pace. It’s a feature that has been highly requested, so I’m thrilled to finally include it in Fallacy Quiz. But I went even further. Players can now create their own entirely custom game modes by choosing the number of rounds, questions, using timers or not, game difficulty and more.


Fancy New Game Mode Selection Screen

Since I now have a custom mode and a glossary, the title-screen started to feel a bit crowded with a row of six buttons. That’s why I’ve added a new and improved mode selection screen with super fancy illustrated, parallax effect-fueled buttons .

These interactive buttons are made out of drawings placed on different planes, giving the whole interface an amazing visual appeal, in my opinion!

Content fixes

In this update, quiz content did not change too much. Thanks to your feedback I updated the names of some fallacies and corrected some statements. But I am planning to add new content in future updates, including two to three times the amount of quizzes. This will provide players with even greater challenges and opportunities to test their knowledge of logical fallacies. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Based on your feedback, I have addressed several bugs that were affecting the gameplay experience. These bug fixes should make the game run smoother and more enjoyable for everyone. There are still some known bugs in the game, for instance some sound effects not being paused in the pause menu. This will be fixed in the next minor update. If you encounter any other issue, let me know.

orginally published: https://timkrief.itch.io/fallacy-quiz/devlog/711847/biggest-update-yet-version-02-brings-an-entire-book-to-the-table

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