For future 3d game for desktop and mobile what to choose c# or gdscript?

Hello all
For future 3d game that is planned for desktop and maybe later for mobile .
What to programming language to choose c# or gdscript ?
I mean c# is standard and something i know well but not sure is its well supported in 4.2 and what will be in the upcoming year …

I prefer gdscript, but it seems to me that the share of C# developers has been increasing, especially since unity alienated so many people. I’d be surprised if C# doesn’t take priority over gdscript in the future. The question is, how long do you want to wait?

You can use both, even in the same project.

1 year ago I experimented with Unity on MacOs, VisualStudio and/or Unity often crashed. 8 months ago I started with Godot and I decided against C#. GDScript is directly integrated into the editor and has good documentation.
C# is more perfomant but slower than C++, if I need more performant code I will prefer C++.

Maybe the following description from the documentation can help you with your decision if you haven’t read it yet.

i wish it was more easier to just develop all thing in c++ … i wish currently its totally feel like hackable and temporary solution which is half baked .
so this is way i ask about c# that looks like going to be the main tool , the question when

It’s never easy to develop all things straight from C++ as it wasn’t meant for easy and rapid development and quick prototyping. GDScript is designed for that, but alas with a price of course.

The future is difficult to predict :slight_smile:
My recommendation would also be to use GdScript.

For me, it doesn’t yet look like C# will become the “main tool” for Godot. I rarely find C# demos for Godot

Google Trends Godot C# vs GDScript.

Last GodotCon. I think C# was also briefly mentioned in the video, but I’m not sure anymore.

i will select csharp , the basic reason is that i predict that unity developers will migrate , monogame engine can migrate , also i did some simple game conversion from GDscript to csharp and it was easy .
Also c# tutorials ecosystem on line are way way bigger then GDscript .
I just wish they also do the same for c++