Fragment shader debuging (-gVS)

Godot Version



I tried to write my own fragment shader and faced a debugging problem. After research I found a few solutions. The first one - SHADERed. This app did not help me. Looks like fragment shaders debugging is unavailable and I can’t select a pixel for debugging (following a tutorial).

Another option - RenderDoc. This one looks extra powerful, but needs extra configuration. In tutorial (link) specified following:

On Vulkan RenderDoc supports source-level debugging via the NonSemantic.Shader.DebugInfo.100 extended instruction set. This information can be generated by glslang using -gVS to specify debug information, and by dxc using -fspv-debug=vulkan-with-source. In both cases this will embed the necessary debug information in the SPIR-V blob to debug at source level.

In the Godot documentation mentioned that the shader language is similar to GLSL ES 3.0. So is it possible to generate necessary information by the -gVS flag? And if yes, where should I specify it?

P.S. I am newbie in shaders development, so probably my question isn’t valid. Sorry if so. Also I will be happy to hear about any other ways to debug shaders, excluding comment/uncomment code.